About Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

Our mission here is simple:

We support busy parents and teachers by providing educational, enriching, and self-directed kids activities that empower the next generation to value and foster creativity in themselves, diversity in their community, and empathy for their peers.

Most of our activities are specifically designed for children to be able to work independently.

We help work at home parents carve out focus time,
equip teachers to keep students of diverse abilities engaged and working,
and support caregivers with high quality screen-free activities that empower, entertain, and educate.

Our website printables, worksheets, and activities are free for personal and educational use, and we have a generous policy of allowing non-profit and education users to photocopy our materials.

Woo! Jr  has been developing kids activities online since 2008. Join our community by following us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Woo! Jr. started as AnimalJr.com and FantasyJr.com in November of 2008, and Craft Jr.com, ClassroomJr.com and CartoonJr.com were added in early 2009. Within just a few years, these sites served our free kids activities to more than 30,000,000 50,000,000 visitors. We merged the sites into one domain at WooJr.com in 2016 as a way to focus more on creating great content and less on site maintenance.

Our privacy policy and disclosures can be found here.

Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Founder Wendy Piersall

Woo! Jr. Kids Activities is the brainchild of Wendy Piersall, a well known blogger and fangirl of all things digital or crafty. Little did she realize that when she wrote a blog post titled 94 Ways to Keep Kids Busy for the Work at Home Parent in early 2007 that it would be the foundation for a whole new network of websites for kids a year and a half later!

Woo! Jr Kids Activities Writers & Contributors

Joanna Brooks

Kids Crafts and Recipes – Joanna Brooks is a wife and mom of 3 kids, a blogger, beauty vlogger, graphic designer, and jill of all trades.

Lesson Plans and Book Guides – Kristina Brooke Daniele is a writer, educator, homeschooler, entrepreneur, avid reader, life-long learner, and advocate for freedom, equality, and justice. She believes that our job as human beings is to leave this world better than when we found it. That is her goal!

Toni Mclellan

Lesson Plans – Toni McLellan is a writer and podcast host who lives with her husband and three kids in Loveland, Colorado.

Monica Olivera

Lesson Plans – Monica Olivera is a homeschooling mother of two and a freelance education writer. Her site, MommyMaestra.com, helps Hispanic parents get more involved in their children’s education by providing resources, tips, and opportunities.

Crystal Foth

Fine Art Projects – Crystal Foth manages 19 Southern California fine art studios for Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes. She spends her free time creating art, planning fun art projects and enjoying creative adventures with her family around Los Angeles.

Renee Ross

Lesson Plans – Renée Ross is the former director of a Georgia statewide early childhood literacy program and the mother of a nine year old son. She has been a blogger for 9+ years.