Among Us Coloring Pages

The popular online game of teamwork and betrayal, Among Us, has taken precedence over many game choices in our home these days. So the timeliness of this new brand set of free printables is absolutely perfect. And I am so excited that Ethan, our graphic designer, created these Among Us coloring pages to share with you today! (Can you tell which are the crewmates and which is the impostor?)

If I didn’t have a ten-year old, I would have no idea what Among Us is. Although developed as a social online game, my girls play it with friends all the time as an outdoor game. I am always being asked to secretly choose an “impostor” among the other “crewmates.” The object of the game is for the crewmates to complete their tasks and vote out the imposter. The imposter’s goal is to sabotage the crewmates’ mission and kick them all off the ship. Whew! It sounds pretty strategic and somewhat complicated to me. These coloring pages are definitely more my speed! 😉

Among Us Coloring Pages

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