Charlie Brown Easter Coloring Pages

Who wouldn’t want Snoopy and his friends to be a part of their holiday celebration, especially on Easter? Well, we’re bringing more of the Peanuts gang to you this spring with these printable Charlie Brown Easter coloring pages. Your child will delight in bringing Charlie, Snoopy and their friends to life in these Easter illustrations.

Here’s a step back in time (46 years ago, actually, and I know that because it’s the year I was born). “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” debuted on April 9, 1974. In this Easter special, each member of the gang prepares for the holiday in their own clumsy way. Peppermint Patty tries to teach Marcie how to dye Easter eggs. Snoopy is on the hunt for a new home for Woodstock. And Linus is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the “Easter Beagle” who will hopefully save the day.

Charlie Brown Easter Coloring Pages

We find this article fascinating on the 6 Developmental Milestones of Coloring Inside the Lines. It touches on the developmental science that happens behind your child’s coloring pages and how to use worksheets like ours as a preschool activity to set your little artist up for success.

Charlie Brown Easter Coloring Pages

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