Disney Pixel Grid Coloring Pages

Our mystery picture coloring pages are easily one of our most popular activity printables. So we are delighted to be releasing this brand new set of Disney pixel grid coloring pages. Part puzzle, part math and part art, these worksheets are educational AND so much fun!

Disney Pixel Grid Coloring Pages


Teachers, this is a great math activity to introduce your students to reading tables and using grids. Set up a STEAM station or provide as an activity during free choice time or for those that finish their work early. Students thrive on the challenge of unveiling the mystery picture and gain confidence by revealing the hidden picture puzzle.

Use the “data” on each worksheet to determine the coordinates. Find the squares, or ‘pixels’ in the crosshairs and color it the correct color in the grid. Instructions are included on each and every page. You can see a closeup example here:

You only need to print the puzzle grid. The excitement in coloring grids lays in the anticipation of revealing the mystery picture. We’ve published the answer key for your review in case someone gets stuck while working through the grid.

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Disney Pixel Grid Coloring Pages

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