Disney Princesses Coloring Pages – Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

Two sets of Disney Princess coloring pages of my two favorite old school Disney characters!

Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella Coloring Pages

Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages

Most of us think of Disney when we think of Sleeping Beauty, but not everyone knows that the story is based on a very old tale written by Charles Perrault. Did you know that the original Sleeping Beauty story was written in 1697?! That princess is over 300 years old!! I had thought it was written by the Brothers Grimm, but in fact, they rewrote Charles Perrault’s literary tale instead. But wait – it gets better! The Charles Perrault story is based on even earlier oral stories, especially one called Perceforest, dating all the way back to the mid 1300’s. That’s a much more violent story…  let’s just say that fairy tales from back then are NOT appropriate for children today.

There is also a second, and rather morbid part of the story that Perrault wrote. It was thankfully left out of most of the future versions of Sleeping Beauty. In it, after she and the prince marry, his mother tries to kill her and her children. I’m always interested in this kind of trivia – but I’m pretty darn sure I prefer the ‘happily ever after’ ending to something like that!!

Fascinatingly, in the Disney animated movie from 1959, the main title character, Sleeping Beauty herself, only has EIGHTEEN LINES of actual dialog in the film. I guess if you’re sleeping throughout the story, it’s a little difficult to speak!

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, check out these Disney pixel grid coloring pages!

Cinderella Coloring Pages

Cinderella seems to be the most popular Disney Princess of all – I can understand why! Who wouldn’t love to marry a prince and watch your enemies completely fail?! Love it! During Halloween, our Cinderella pumpkin stencil is one of the most frequently downloaded templates.

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As always, here’s our newest set of hand-drawn cartoon coloring pages – Cinderella coloring pages!


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