Dogs and Cats Mad Libs Games

We always love sharing these hilariously funny writing games for kids of ALL ages. Animals are always a popular topic with kids, so we are excited about this set of dogs and cats mad libs games with you. Mad libs word games provide great vocabulary practice for learning essential grammar skills and parts of speech. Printable mad libs promote reading comprehension too. And one of the best part of these games is that your kids have no idea they’re learning while they are creating funny stories, laughing and having a blast! 😉

Dogs and Cats Mad Libs Games

These are perfect activities for parties, get togethers and family game nights! While socially distancing, we have done them with friends from afar via ZOOM and Google meets for some added fun! And teachers, use these as worksheets to supplement your English language arts curriculum. These interactive word games are such a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Dogs and Cats Mad Libs Games

Download 170+ mad libs all at once here for hours of fun entertainment at home or in the classroom!

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