Gross Mad Libs for Kids

Do you remember doing mad libs as a kid? We often did them as a family while traveling in the car or while on vacation and they were always a hit. Our printable mad libs are one of our most sought out activities. And this set of gross mad libs for kids makes a perfect addition to the collection. One of the best things about these words games is that children don’t realize the skills they are building while playing. They are perfect activity supplements for the subjects of reading, writing and language arts. Mad libs are such a fun and engaging way to reinforce learning about parts  of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and more! By using these fun worksheets, you are reinforcing essential grammar, reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. And your kiddos will just think they’re getting away with having fun while being disgusting. 😉

Gross Mad Libs for Kids

It is a mystery to me why my kids are entertained by and fascinated with gross things. My girls will giggle incessantly about the most disgusting topics. So I am 100% confident they will love these mad stories about sweat, diapers, pimples, pooh, pee, farts, boogers and more.

If your kiddos get a kick out of these activity pages, be sure to check out our Gross Book of Riddles for Kids.

Gross Mad Libs for Kids

Download 170+ of our mad libs all at once right here!


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