How to Draw Animal Crossing Villagers Step By Step

Hi everyone! Animal Crossing New Horizons has been the hit video game of the summer, because it’s just so fun and relaxing. Plus, all the villagers are adorably cute! Whole fandoms have developed around certain characters and their unique personalities. Here’s a set of adorable printables to show you how to draw Animal Crossing villagers step by step!

How to Draw Animal Crossing Villagers Step By Step

Marshall, Raymond, Fauna, Judy, Fang, and Merengue are all often ranked in the top ten favorite characters. They’re cute and a little sassy, plus they have fabulous taste in clothing and their homes.  I haven’t been lucky enough to get any of them in my village yet, but I also haven’t played in several weeks. Who knows, maybe Marshall decided to move in on his own while I’ve been gone?

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How to Draw Animal Crossing Villagers Step By Step

These are great guides for animal crossing fans, and can also be used for some relaxing coloring time! The more detailed clothing patterns are fun for older artists, but little ones find them tricky. You can encourage them to design their own clothes for the characters with simpler patterns for little hands to draw! I’ve been drawing for decades and still found Fang’s sweater to be a bit tricky!

To print out these step by step drawing guides, all you need to do is click on the image you want to print. You’ll be taken to a page with a large “click to print” button that will print just the image for you! Tip: to save some ink, you can always print guides like this on draft mode!

I hope you enjoy using these how to draw animal crossing villagers printables, and we’d love for you to share what you create with us! If you love Animal Crossing as much as we do, amen sure to check out our Animal Crossing Coloring Pages!

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