How to Draw Finding Nemo Step by Step

Hi there! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Finding Nemo, and it’s sequel Finding Dory, are major favorites in my house. Who is your favorite character from the Finding Nemo movies? My personal favorite would have to be Dory! Even though she has short term memory loss, she never lets that stop her from doing her best! Let’s learn how to draw Finding Nemo characters with these step by step printables!

How to Draw Finding Nemo Step by Step

How to Draw Finding Nemo Step by Step

I couldn’t include every single character this time, so I did an informal poll of my kids, and had them name their favorite characters from Finding Nemo AND Finding Dory. Then we picked out the top 6, and ended up with Nemo (of course!), Dory, Squirt, Peach, Destiny, and Bruce! This collection of step by step drawing printables is pretty detailed. However, even a beginner will draw something amazing with a little practice and perseverance!

These are also really fun to slip into a dry erase pocket and let your pre-K kids practice their tracing skills, or you can even let the kids color them after they’ve tried drawing!

All you need to do is click on the how to draw finding nemo image below that you want to print, and you’ll be taken to a page with our awesome “click to print” button. This allows you to print just the image super easily. P.S: Set your printer to “draft mode” to save some ink!

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If your kids love the ocean, make sure to check out our 12 Ocean Animals To Draw, Step By Step. These how to draw Finding Nemo pages aren’t just for kids. Many adults find that learning how to draw is a fun new skill, and a great way to destress! I hope you enjoy them, and please let us know if there are any other step by step drawing guide you’d like to see!

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