How to Draw The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of my favorite movies ever is The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I’m so happy that my kids have discovered and fallen in love with it too! I actually can’t believe that this movie came out in 1993! As of right now, this movie is 27 years old. What’s so amazing it that between the storyline and the animation, it doesn’t feel dated at all. Now, the biggest debate on this movie always is: do you consider it a Halloween or a Christmas movie? In our house, it’s both! We have it on probably at least once a week from September all the way through December. It’s one of those movies that became an instant classic when it was released, and I’m excited to share these how to draw The Nightmare Before Christmas step by step printables with you!

How to Draw The Nightmare Before Christmas

We have Jack and Sally, Zero, Ooogie Boogie, Santa Claus, and the Mayor of Halloween Town. Zero and Oogie Boogie are great for beginner artists, while characters like Sally and the Mayor provide more of a challenge for advanced artists. Don’t forget that you can also color in these pages, and also trace the first image if you need some help getting started!

How to Draw The Nightmare Before Christmas

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We know that you want to save ink, and only print what you need. We make it easy! Just click the image you want to print, and you’ll be taken to a page with a “click to print” button. That way just the image will print out for you!

I hope that you all enjoy these how to draw The Nightmare Before Christmas printables! Let us know if there are any other cartoons or shows you’d like to see us make step by step how to draw guides for!

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