Minecraft Mad Libs for Kids

Mad libs are fun boredom busters for kids of ALL ages. Play these fun word games with multiple players to create a hilariously silly story. (Although always more fun to play with family and friends, they can be done solo too.) With the ever growing in popularity game of Minecraft, we thought our young readers would really appreciate this brand new set of printables. Here are nine Minecraft mad libs for kids that will keep your kiddos entertained and in stitches for some time.

Minecraft Mad Libs for Kids


These word games are so much fun and simple to play. Have one player prompt the others to come up with a list of words to substitute for the blanks in the story. Then read it aloud and discover just how silly of a story you created together. (No one will know they’re honing their grammar and vocabulary skills.) Your kiddos will have a blast passing the time with these mad libs, giving you another opportunity to tackle your to-do list with peace and quiet. 😉

Download 170+ mad libs right here for hours upon hours of family entertainment!

Minecraft Mad Libs for Kids

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