Printable US History Mad Libs

So many laughs come with these fun word games! This set of printable US history mad libs can be integrated into your history lessons as an engaging reading activity to practice parts of speech and build vocabulary skills. Print and use them at home, in the classroom, during travel…they’re simply fun any time/any where.

These printable mad lib games make the perfect travel companions for short or long trips. Do you keep a folder of activities in your car? We have a plastic zippered envelope in the seat back compartment filled with printable activities to keep the kids busy during road trips. It has come in handy so many times when the kids have forgotten activities to keep them occupied while waiting for medical appointments, restaurant waiting time and even that one time when we got a flat tire and were waiting for Dad to get the spare on! 😉 I purchased our envelopes at a local office supply store and have even seen them at the dollar store, but here are some great expandable plastic pouches from Amazon that would work perfectly!

Printable US History Mad Libs

Download our mad lib bundle – 170+ printable mad libs all at once for hours of screen-free entertainment for your kids!

Also check out this set of printable family mad libs for more word game fun!

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