Star Wars Pixel Grid Coloring Pages

Pixel art is a super fun boredom buster for kids! Ethan, our Junior Graphic Designer, is a HUGE Star Wars fan (as are most of us at Woo!). He put together this fabulous new set of Star Wars pixel grid coloring pages to provide HOURS of entertainment for your kiddos.

How to color mystery pictures? You’ll need to know how to read a simple data table. Find the squares, or ‘pixels’ in the crosshairs and color it the correct color. To make this a cool STEM/STEAM activity, don’t show your child the final product. (You can even cut off the title to make it more of a surprise for them.) Just let them color the grid according to the data and let the image emerge.

Star Wars Pixel Grid Coloring Pages

Bust out your favorite coloring utensils and start coloring to unveil the hidden pictures. There’s no need to download the colored versions unless you need to keep an answer key handy – we’ve illustrated them here, because without the preview, they can be tricky to understand.

Instructions are included on each and every page, and here’s a closeup example of the coloring grid directions:

Star Wars Pixel Grid Coloring Pages

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